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Yext Directory Listing Management

Yext Directory Listing Management

Are you listed in the right directories? Are you open over the holiday periods? How do you manage 20+ directory listings?

Yext's Directory Listings Management pushes your business information to all the relevant directories and maintains those details so you stay current and available to your customers. Be found by your customers, every time, with Yext's Directory Management Hub.

  • Populate the most important directory listings with ease
  • Make updates to all listings in no time
  • Manage Duplicates listings
  • Update photos and be more engaged with users
  • Gain insights into engagement across all directories
Yext Customer Review Management

Yext Customer Review Management

Ever wanted to give your consumers the ability to review your business? Want to be a brand that people trust and recognise?

Yext’s Customer Review Management allows you to build credibility in your brand by monitoring, responding to and requesting reviews from your customers so you can promote those reviews to your website and out across the web with ease. Give customers the ability to trust in your brand.

  • Monitor the reviews you get across all directories
  • Respond to your negative reviews - giving customers reassurance in your brand
  • Request reviews by sending customers a link to give you a 5 star rating
  • Post reviews to your website so customers and Google can see your credibility & trust
  • Measure mentions and sentiment by keyword
  • Gain insights into customer engagement
Yext Social Media Management

Yext Social Media Management

How do you speak to your customers? Do you make it easy for them to hear what you have to say? Are you finding your customers where they are online?

Yext's Social Management Solution lets you engage with your audience with greater control and consistency. Get each knowledge expert in your business to contribute to your customer engagement. Whether it's writing it once and pushing it across multiple platforms; scheduling content to be distributed; or simply keeping your blog up to date – Yext can do it all!

  • Create an engaged social strategy and keep your customers involved in your business
  • Post to various social platforms including twitter, facebook, google search & your website
  • Manage approvals within the organisation - have different knowledge experts in the business contribute posts and have one voice to approve and edit the posts
  • Monitor social media metrics and report on key trends
Yext Analytics & Reporting

Yext Analytics & Reporting

How do you showcase ROI to the business? How do you get the data to make informed decisions quickly and easily whilst juggling all the other marketing priorities?

Yext has a powerful analytics and reporting suite. Whether it be high level reporting on user engagement across directories or detailed SEO tracking on keyword rankings. You can get all your actionable insights from Yext and change your marketing and digital strategy accordingly.

  • Monitor listings & customer engagement
    • Phone calls by hour
    • Customer actions - get directions, phone calls & website clicks
    • Views on Google search & Google maps
  • Monitor important SEO metrics
    • Competitor rankings & map searches
    • Keyword rankings for your business and where you sit compared to your competitors
  • Social Media Engagement
    • Monitor post engagement
    • Measure sentiment

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We all know the importance of SEO. After all, ranking at the top of Google is critical for every business! More importantly, capturing customers searching for your brand name is essential as they have a higher purchase intent. So how can you get to the top? By staying one step ahead of your competitors with Yext. Yext is state-of-the-art software that puts the power of SEO in your hands. And the best part, you don't have to be an expert! Yext is specifically designed for the business user. With its easy to use interface, you can quickly get ahead (and stay ahead) of the competition.

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Do you use Google Maps or Apple Maps? Maybe you search for your local business via Facebook or LinkedIn? Everyone searches differently based on how they use the web. You can no longer afford to simply have a website. If no one can find it – or your business – then they will find your competition’s. Yext's platform enables you to focus your online marketing, brand management, SEO and social media to provide your customers with your critical business information, wherever and however they search.

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